Confidence in care
- Superabsorbent dressing

DryMax Wound Care is a series of high quality products, developed especially for treatment of hard-to-heal wounds and wet wounds. Thanks to the unique Absorbest technology our dressings efficiently take care of and encapsulate fluids, including contaminated exudates, providing maximum comfort and hygiene for both patient and caregiver.

Using the well-proven DryMax method, the ultra-thin dressings can contribute to a faster healing process. Even long-term wounds, considered chronic, can heal with the right care and proper dressings. In addition, the DryMax products are easy to use and require fewer changes – significantly reducing nursing hours and material costs. With increasing healthcare costs, this is important from a wider health-economic perspective. Reduced material consumption also means reduced transport, which contributes to a more environmentally friendly operation.

Why DryMax?

  • Improves wound healing
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Ideal to combine with compression therapy


DryMax Extra Soft

A conformable superabsorbent dressing for use on exuding hard-to-heal wounds. Ideal for compression therapy.

DryMax Extra Easy

A conformable superabsorbent dressing for use on exuding hard-to-heal wounds. Provided with a soft and smart adhesive function. Ideal for compression therapy.

DryMax Non Sterile

A conformable secondary dressing for leaking wounds, to be used together with a primary dressing. Ideal for compression therapy.

The DryMax Method

Spela video

Successful treatment of venus leg ulcers

  • Appropriate dressing
  • Compression therapy
  • Effective debridement
  • Be patient, stick to plan
Super Absorbent dressing, Wound dressing exuding, Hard to heal, Chronic wounds, Venous, Leg Ulcer, Compression, Skin damage, Protect skin, Leakage, Maceration

Evidence in clinical use*

  • 49% Fewer dressing changes
  • 33% Lower labour costs
  • 20.5 h Nursing time saved per average week
  • 55% Average material costs saved weekly

*Höglin G, Freijd H. A cohort study to investigate the benefit of the use of DME super absorbent wound dressing on a population of wet wounds. 2011; poster presentation Harrogate.