DryMax Extra Easy
- Superabsorbent dressing

May we offer a helping hand?

DryMax Extra Easy is a unique dressing with a smart and soft adhesive function which will work as an extra hand during application – convenient when the caregiver works alone. The seamless cover simplifies positioning over the wound.

DryMax Extra Easy has an impressive fluid handling capacity and is developed for use directly on hard-to-heal wounds, without creams or other wound care products. The dressing is designed to work very well together with compression therapy. By turning the dressing, it can also be used as a non-adhesive dressing, if preferred.

All DryMax dressings can be used with either side facing the wound, which also makes it possible to stack them on top of each other when needed.

Super Absorbent dressing, Wound dressing exuding, Hard to heal, Chronic wounds, Venous, Leg Ulcer, Compression, Skin damage, Protect skin, Leakage, Maceration

Item nameREFPcs/boxProduct size (cm)
DryMax Extra Easy
10×10 cm
DryMax Extra Easy
10×20 cm
DryMax Extra Easy
20×20 cm
DryMax Extra Easy
20×30 cm