DryMax Non Sterile
- Super absorbent dressing

A competitive complement

DryMax Non Sterile is used as a secondary dressing for wet wounds, even when compression therapy is needed. Based on the advanced Absorbest technology, the ultra-thin material collects and encapsulates fluids, providing a perfect complement to the primary dressing. This ability to manage and lock in fluid reduces the number of changes compared to traditional products, contributing to cost-effective treatment.

All DryMax dressings can be used with either side facing the wound, which also makes it possible to stack them on top of each other when needed.

Super Absorbent dressing, Wound dressing exuding, Hard to heal, Chronic wounds, Venous, Leg Ulcer, Compression, Skin damage, Protect skin, Leakage, Maceration

Item nameREFPcs/boxProduct size (cm)
DryMax Non Sterile
10×10 cm
DryMax Non Sterile
10×22 cm
DryMax Non Sterile
20×22 cm